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Pinch Punch 1st of the Month!  No April foolery around here, just news and updates from our wellbeing work!

March has been a busy month with many 2 Day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses delivered. We are proud to announce that we have now trained over 600 people in these essential skills.
This included our recent collaboration with Cordell Health who are hosting MHFA training throughout the year, giving you an opportunity to plan ahead and attend on your own or with a small group from your organisation.  The venue is a lovely large bright training room in Finchampstead, Wokingham in Berkshire.  The first course was very well received and we were well looked after by Cordell Health staff with copious amounts of refreshments including lunch. It really helped to make the 2 days a great success.
Our next training there is on April 11th - you haven't got long to book this course with Keri -

This course is the One Day work place focused version of MHFA - if you would like to make a start to your wellbeing planning and policy development this is a very important part.  Many business leaders say that their staff are their most important asset, this drills down into that to consider the benefits that work can bring when the workplace has a positive culture.
(Our next 2 Day MHFA course with Cordell Health is on 22nd and 23rd May - again, book with Keri)

REFRESHER MHFA Course - now available. If you completed your MHFA training course over 2 years ago you might be thinking about a refresher. As with physical first aid, it is good practice to remind ourselves of the skills.  Previously the only option was to redo the whole course again. Now MHFA England have launched the Refresher course - a half day course (4 hours) and we are now offering this - do get in touch if this is something you are looking for.

March brought us International Happiness Day and the release of the World Happiness Report 2019 which measures happiness around the world and ranks 156 countries in terms of their happiness levels. This year Finland was top - for the 2nd year in a row, followed by Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Netherlands. Those Scandinavian countries are certainly doing something right!
It also brought a Laughter Yoga Flash Mob to Wokingham Town Centre. Along with Andrea Detchon (The Joy Scientist) and people from Wellbeing in Wokingham Action Group (WIWAG) we descended on the quiet of Wokingham with joy and laughter. Here is the evidence - filmed for us by Silk Purse Videos.
Laughter is so important to our wellbeing. And we don't always have something to laugh about - so learning more about Laughter Yoga lets you understand that even a "pretend" laugh can stimulate our bodies to produce the "happy chemicals" which are beneficial for us. Andrea is joining us to provide a Laughter Yoga Club, monthly from April 7th in Wokingham - details and booking (a must) are here Only a few tickets remain, and whilst entry is free, please book. Donations welcome for cost of the venue hire. Bring water, an open mind and a willingness to laugh without reason!

Laughter Yoga can benefit workplaces too - the energy levels and focus gained make this a great idea for morning or lunchtimes.  You can book us now to bring this activity to you and your colleagues - much more here

In other news..... we have been delivering our wonderful HAPPINESS workshops and talks to groups around Berkshire, from WI groups to Recovery Colleges. A really fabulous way to spend time thinking about happiness - your own and what science tells us about ways to lasting happiness and contentment.  
Does this sound like something you would like for your organisation? Not just Happiness, but Wellbeing, Stress reduction, Resilience, see details below - can be delivered as a Talk, or part of a half day or full day training too - very flexible delivery.
We introduced you to i-act last month and some have asked for more information.  i-act is a One Day course - 2 versions, the most popular being for Managers who want to make a positive impact on the wellbeing and mental health of the people they manage. It is a very preventative way of operating, but does not shy away from having some difficult conversations.  The second version is for anyone, and both come with great - really great - manuals, certificates, CPD points and access to online resources for 3 years.  Very practical, you will gain SOOO much from it.  Contact us soon to discuss options for delivery to your organisation, it is a really enjoyable and positive course and you will learn a lot about an area that people in general, know little about.  We can change this!
A last minute reminder that the Depression Xpression Wokingham Support group - for people with a variety of mental illnesses, not just depression, will have a speaker from Transform Housing & Support letting people know about the support they can provide such as form filling, managing finances, housing matters - do spread the word and come along. April 3rd 7pm.
And finally - check that you are looking after YOURSELF - are you doing all of these? Do you need to do some of these? Are you putting off doing some of these?
Hope to see you in the coming month - or hear from you. DO link to our Social Media pages - below

Have an amazing April!

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