"Because they can't cancel Spring"  David Hockney, March 2020

Welcome to our monthly newsletter - we hope to bring you a breath of fresh air.

Like so many people we have been greatly affected by the "new normal" we find ourselves in - complete cancellation of all booked training courses in the coming weeks. So we have tried to be both resourceful & agile and come up with solutions which we hope you will like and want to get involved with.

Online Training
It made sense for us to move our training online as far as possible.  Not all are suitable to be delivered this way but we have many course which are.

What a Great Time to Invest In Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace Training
We consider that this is an opportunity to use your time "off" wisely - there will be many industries where people have less to do at the moment. Many will be working from home or furloughed and would appreciate some of the valuable training courses we have, including having a lunch  break with a Lunch'n'Learn. (Of course, some will have too much to do).
Perhaps you can capitalise on staff having some time to attend valuable training - training that is good for them now (supporting their wellbeing and mental health issues) - and creating readiness for returning to future normal working.

So here is training we can offer online

MHFA England courses
  • Half Day Mental Health Aware
  • MHFA Refresher Course (Half Day)

i-act for Positive Wellbeing & Mental Health
  • Day i-act Managing Mental Health (for Managers)
  • Day i-act Understanding & Promoting Mental Health
We are able to deliver these courses remotely as a half day course, 3.5 hours

Unlock Your Wellbeing
  • Mental Health Awareness Course
This is a Half Day Mental Health Awareness course – suitable for everyone.
It can now be delivered remotely in 2 hours

Lunch & Learns - 45 mins. Get your working from home colleagues signed up for these
A variety of short courses/talks such as
  • The (Sometimes Surprising) Secrets to Happiness
  • Resilience – how to Bounce Back Quickly
  • Stress Reduction
  • Sleep Hygiene – get the sleep you need and deserve!
  • Unhelpful Thinking Traps to Avoid
  • Wellbeing Action Plans (WAPS) in the Workplace

Open course - Now taking bookings
i-act Managing and promoting Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing
From only £80 per person - great for managers who may currently have some time to attend training courses. Many managers want to support their team if they become mentally unwell, but have never received any training to do so. This course will equip you with confidence, knowledge and PLENTY of practical ideas, as well as the famous i-act manual - a treasure trove of tools and support.
Sign up here

Free E-Book
We are very excited to tell you that we have also produced our first E-Book!!
"Secrets to Good Wellbeing" which we hope you will find really useful. as it is 28 pages of valuable information.  Some original things here too - you have probably seen lots of similar sounding information - we have made this quite different.  Hope you will like it and share - we need everyone to benefit from these top tips.

We wanted to share our knowledge and expertise in this area at this difficult time

Wellbeing is our business, so this is what we thought we could contribute to help.

It is CRAMMED with lots of tips, strategies, ideas, suggestions and lots of links too.   
Please feel free to share widely on social media etc

Enjoy the e book and let us know what you thing - we are active on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and you can always email us.

Contact us too if you would like to book some of our amazing online courses too

Have a good April, in very straitened conditions - keep washing your hands! And contact us, link with us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, especially if you have any comments on our e-book! - we are here to help YOU to
Unlock YOUR Wellbeing

With very best wishes


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