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And - Not To Be Missed ....... WIWAG's Wellbeing Conference October 10th

Just a few opening words on tomatoes - these are in my garden right now, a bumper crop! - oh and they are so delicious. I grow tomatoes every year, and for a few short weeks can pick these beauties for my lunch - just outside my kitchen door. I love being able to do it, and hope I always will. It does require a lot of forethought - as does all gardening. In March getting the seeds, and nurturing those tiny seedlings through until they start producing as they are now.  A very wise investment of time and energy - the taste is like no tomato you will ever buy in a supermarket.

And we had our Birthday! Unlock Your Wellbeing is 3 years old! We are delighted to celebrate our ongoing success, doing the work we love and meeting so many wonderful people.
When we say "so many wonderful people" another milestone this month - we have now trained over 700 people in Mental Health First Aid Training. And enjoyed every minute of it!

This last month has seen us deliver training in some of London's most iconic buildings - the "Cheese Grater", below left, (proper name Leadenhall Building) and The Shard - below, right. Spectacular buildings, and lovely groups of people working there.
We don't actually mind where we deliver - it is just a treat now and then to use such special buildings! If you would like us to come and train your staff we are happy to do so - fancy locations are NOT obligatory!!  Do get in touch with us to arrange MHFA training of all types. We are now taking bookings from late November/December
Or - if there are only a few people in your organisation or you are an individual, come to one of our OPEN courses.
Not forgetting the wonderful i-act training for "Managing Mental Health in the Workplace", and "Understanding Mental Health" course. See the benefits below.
Both are one day long, both practical, with an emphasis on the preventative and both focus on positive mental health and wellbeing.
These courses are, rightly, very well received in the workplace.  You will leave brimming with ideas and inspiration about what can be achieved to create a workplace that is conducive to good mental health. Additionally you will have 3 years access to online resources, and a great manual.
Contact us for details NOW.
We have also refreshed our Lunch'n'Learn offering - see the streamlined list of subjects below.  Fantastic for workplaces, community groups, Recovery Colleges, talks at events etc.
A lot of our time this month has been taken with planning the WIWAG Wellbeing Conference - our Annual Conference held on October 10th. This year we have gone BIGGER and BETTER and will be based at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Winnersh Triangle, near Reading. Very convenient to get to - the train station is next door.  
Just £10 (+ booking fee), a fully inclusive day of wonderful Speakers, Workshops and surprises.  Have a go at Laughter Yoga, Mindfulness, Stretching exercises, EFT and many others. Hear our speakers on subjects such as Sleep, Nutrition, How to help our young people cope with social media, The Teenage Brain, Self-Limiting Beliefs, Personal Resilience, Recovery from Addictions and many more. It will be a great day, a chance to network and meet like minded people, learn something that will be beneficial for you! 
Treat yourself to this day of immersion into all things WELLBEING!
Do you work in the Wellbeing field and would like to be part of this wonderful event? Contact WIWAG - for details of how to have a "Stand" or how to be one of our Sponsors.

We also have a physical challenge to raise funds for this event - counting everyone's "steps", we hope to walk "virtually" to Norway (one of the happiest countries). If you already exercise - let your efforts support us - or if you are thinking of a new exercise regime, let this be part of your motivation! Starts 7th September - sign up now.
Email as above, or see WIWAG's Facebook page -
Plenty going on - once the new school term starts, we hope you will join us - with our wonderful training packages or the wonderful Wellbeing Conference - hope to see you soon!
Have a BRILLIANT September and do please contact us, link with us, connect and comment - we are here to help YOU to Unlock YOUR Wellbeing!

Very Best Wishes


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