Welcome to our December Newsletter......
For those who have attended some of our workshops, or follow us on social media, you may be familiar with Action for Happiness, and their monthly calendars with daily reminders of how you can be happier.  Here is December's one. See if you can do a few of these, even in the hectic month of December, they may help you to reduce your frazzle!

What is Mental Health First Aid in one word???......
This was the question for a recent group of delegates who attended our 2 day MHFA training. These are the words they came up with.
And here is some of their feedback -
"Fantastic course covering a wide range of tools and information that will support in helping people with mental health issues. Anne-Marie is a very knowledgeable, friendly and engaging trainer" "Excellent course. Anne-Marie was great, the delivery was perfect. I look forward to recommending this course to my colleagues"
If you have been considering this training in your workplace do contact us to book for 2020 - what a fantastic gift to your employees and colleagues. - and a great way to start the new decade.  See our MHFA page on our website here

"Sleep - the golden chain that keeps us healthy in mind and body"........

So said Thomas Dekker in 1609 - and nowadays we are even more aware of it's importance to our mental health and wellbeing. We have a great Sleep Hygiene workshop to give you some fantastic pointers to sleeping well - some really simple ideas, and some things that you may find more challenging but ultimately very worthwhile. Our happiness is closely related to our quality of sleep - call us for details of this workshop for your organisation.
Happiness - it's an "Inside Job".....
We love talking about happiness - we have a variety of great options - our one hour talk, suitable for many organisations, conferences etc., as well as our 2 hour session, and our short course of 2 x 2 hour sessions. All are evidence based, from the Science of Happiness, great fun, interactive and PRACTICAL! You will love them so do book us NOW.  We can make a "heaven" out of the most difficult situations, by deliberately attending to our happiness and what the science tells us. This is not to say that we have to be happy all the time - look out for our Blog coming soon on "Emo-diversity", and how this is actually very important - to own all our emotions.
We will have more news in January 2020 about some NEW and REFRESHED courses that we will be offering soon.  We like to keep our courses up to date and relevant, so over the next few weeks, when we are delivering fewer courses, we will be beavering away and have plenty of NEW things to share with you so watch this space.

We are making BIG plans!
And a last "food for thought!"

Plenty going on as usual, we hope you will join us - hope to see you soon!
Have a BRILLIANT December and do please contact us, link with us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter - we are here to help YOU to Unlock YOUR Wellbeing!

Very Best Wishes


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