September – so soon! Or maybe you are thinking "September – at last"! Whichever it is welcome to Unlock Your Wellbeing’s September newsletter.
August has been quieter in terms of training delivery but wonderfully busy in terms of planning and meeting new people and organisations.

As Chair and co-founder of Wellbeing in Wokingham Action Group (WIWAG) we are interested in Wellbeing and Mental Health issues. And in October it is World Mental Health Day – so we are expending a lot of our energies on creating a what will be a wonderful Conference on October 10th in Wokingham. And YOU are invited! Whether you are someone who has been affected by mental health – either personally or by someone you know or love, or you may work in the wellbeing/mental health field, or just be curious to find out more.

We will have
  • Inspirational speaker,
  • Speakers from local services,
  • Workshops on subjects such as anxiety in young people, how to parent a young person with anxiety, and practical skills to help a young person to relax and therefore be able to learn and enjoy life. Not to be missed.
  • Workshops on the Science of Happiness – yes really! Find out how to be happy and what the science of happiness tells us.  
  • Laughter Yoga session – bound to be popular – form an orderly queue!!!
  • We will have many people showcasing their organisations or wellbeing techniques
  • An area for physical activity where you can have a go at different sports/activities, such as boxing, yoga or try a piece of gym equipment. Be inspired!!

Book here – its FREE -  And please tell everyone about it too. Share, share, share!!  Thank you.

Nearly forgot to mention - a FREE PRIZE DRAW too with some excellent prizes


And for those of you who want to learn a LOT more about mental health matters, including wanting to know how to help, make a difference, support someone in a crisis we will be running the wonderful 2 Day Mental Health First Aid course in Reading. As it is OPEN this means you can send as few as one person along. We know many small organisations of all types cannot afford the in-house option, so this gives you access to this excellent training
Book here - And we only charge £200 for this 2 day comprehensive course. (Recommended price is £300) 

If you are interested in us delivering MHFA to you in-house we would love to talk to you – do send us an email to get the ball rolling. We deliver around Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, as well as further afield. 
We love delivering this training – and it shows in the excellent feedback we get. Whether the 2 Day, the workplace focused 1 Day or the Half Day awareness course – we deliver them all.

Depression Xpression had a day in the sunshine at Tesco, Wokingham this month where we met with lots of people to spread the message about the new Wokingham branch of Depression Xpression - which is held on the 1st Wednesday evening of every month.  All welcome, no need to book.


And the reason that this newsletter is coming to you a little bit late this month is because we attended a 4 day "Train the Trainer" course at the Museum of Happiness – yes there is such a thing!  

As many of you will know we have facilitated Action for Happiness courses in the past in Wokingham and Reading, and we have our own brilliant workshops on Happiness and Wellbeing. This has given us more ideas and inspiration to add to what we already do so look out for new offerings very soon!


This month our "gift" to you is a link to the wonderful Brene Brown’s video – very short, also funny but with a lot of things to learn about the difference between Sympathy and Empathy.  If you haven’t seen it before it is well worth a watch – and if you have - it is well worth revisiting!!


And thank you to Olga for this inspiration today
We hope to see as many as possible of you at our WIWAG Conference – do get your ticket now

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Have wonderful rest of the month - more in October

Very best wishes


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