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Beautiful May - full of blossom, flowers and the promise of summer. We love this season, probably Spring is our favourite, but all seasons have their potential to thrill us.  It may not always feel like it, but we are lucky to live in a country where there are distinct seasons. The changing seasons show how time is progressing, and each brings delights. But remember the old saying "ne'er cast a clout til May is out!"

This time of year heralds exam season for many people. The Charlie Waller Institute have produced information for families, schools etc about how to cope with the pressure of GCSE's in particular - do check their resources
here if you are affected by exam stress.

H A P P I  N  E  S  S  
We have been delighted to deliver our Happiness talk at a variety of Women's Institute groups this last few weeks, where it is always well received.
As much as anything it is a reminder to prioritise our own happiness, and look at what the science of happiness can tell us about what really makes us happy. 
We can deliver this as a 1 hour talk - ideal for Lunch'n' Learns in the Workplace, or to other community groups. It is a lot of fun, with a serious message.  
We have extended versions that can be half day workshops where we can cover more, and in more detail. We also have a 2 session version of a Happiness Workshop which we deliver to Recovery Colleges, which we completed this month. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience to a group of people who often don't even feel that they are allowed to be happy. Such a privilege to work in this setting.
We are working with our good friends Ethical Reading, where we will be delivering a session on Happiness - in general, but with a focus on the Workplace too. (Where we will see that the bottom line is positively affected by happy employees)
Do come along if you can - it's free and you will meet a great group of people too. May 28th 6.30pm. Sign up here

Would YOU like a top up of HAPPINESS? Contact us and we can arrange a bespoke event for your workplace or any other group
Our Mental Health Training
Whether you are interested in raising awareness of mental health issues, or of training people Mental Health First Aid - we can help you.  We are are experienced and inspiring - we have trained over 600 people in MHFA skills and knowledge. We deliver the 2 Day, 1 Day and Half Day Adult courses.
It's not just Mental Health First Aid though - we also deliver i-act training for Managers & others
This is a One Day mental health training for Managers in particular - although there is a version for non-Managers too. It is very practical and has plenty of tools and tips for Managers to provide a preventative, active response to any wellbeing concerns in the workplace.  
There is a great manual, which contains guidance and many of the tools - as well as online access to tools and tips for 3 years. AND it carries 6 CPD points for those professions that require them.
This can really kick start your wellbeing policy/plans, and you will find it both enjoyable and personally rewarding!
Not sure whether you need MHFA or i-act? Contact us for a free consultation on what would best meet your needs - we believe in being proportionate about our training and will NOT recommend that you train everyone in the 2 day MHFA course - you have options!
For more on MHFA training see here
For more on i-act training see here

Want a place on one of our Open courses which we run in association with Cordell Health? Details and dates below
Laughter Yoga
Our Wokingham Laughter Yoga Club started last month and by a happy coincidence our next session is on Sunday May 5th which is also World Laughter Day!
Want to give this great happy experience a go? It's free but you need to book here

And FINALLY - to leave on a positive note here is something I have updated from last year - worth a new viewing
Enjoy these words of doggie wisdom
Hope to see you in the coming month - or hear from you.

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Have an amazing MAY!

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