Welcome to the last email newsletter from Unlock Your Wellbeing this year.  

As well as continuing to deliver the wonderful Mental Health First Aid training to a wide variety of organisations, from International Law Firms, to Construction companies to Technology (including Artificial Intelligence!) we have been reaching out to others doing similar work. We continue to receive excellent feedback - our love of delivering this important training really shines through.

We are hoping to announce some collaborative working in the New Year, which will be a great addition to our work. We also love meeting people who have the same passion that we have for their work around Wellbeing. It has been wonderful to meet up with various people - we hope to connect with them again soon.

We continue to strongly support Wellbeing in Wokingham Active Group (WIWAG) and we have been planning many things for 2019. We also now have a Treasurer, (thank you Lindsay) and in VERY exciting news, WIWAG have been chosen for Waitrose in Wokingham's Green Token scheme for December - PLEASE vote for us throughout December, allowing us to continue to bring messages of wellbeing and mental wellness to Wokingham

Depression Xpression sits alongside both WIWAG and Unlock Your Wellbeing - we have been long term supporters of this very welcoming and kind group in Reading. We are delighted that they are now meeting in Wokingham - on the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm at the Salvation Army on Sturges Road. It is FREE to attend and you just need to turn up!  You will be very welcome - next meeting December 5th.

You may have seen this lovely calendar on our Facebook or LinkedIn pages - what a wonderful 31 joyous suggestions they are.  Even if you only do a few of these YOU will benefit - and so will others.

You may have heard of HYGGE - and this is the perfect time of year to practice it. Hygge is a Danish word for a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment
It may well go to explain why Denmark is consistently in the top 5 Happiest countries of the world.  As you may know we have delivered Action for Happiness courses and also attended Happiness training at the Museum of Happiness.  We regularly give talks on Happiness amongst other things, and are working on an updated Happiness at Work course which we will launch in 2019. Can't wait - it is a wonderful thought provoking session with REAL benefits.

We will also be announcing a brand new workshop in 2019 - we are so excited about it (clue: it involves a lot of laughter!).  Look out for our January newsletter for more.
Talking of Hygge / Denmark / Happiness - for those of you who know me, you will have heard me drone on
talk enthusiastically about Denmark. So much so that I am going to Denmark on holiday next year to find out what causes all that Happiness - and in the name of research I will be trying all those delicious pastries to find out!

We have also been working with mental health Recovery Colleges locally - Compass Recovery College in Reading and Opportunity College in Maidenhead. In particular we deliver Wellness Recovery Action Plan - WRAP.  In order to deliver this we have to have training by a Copeland Centre training team, and have Refresher training every 2 years. This month we completed this Refresher training at Southampton Recovery College, It was a great opportunity to meet others who deliver this specialist training.

WRAP is usually delivered in groups but we can also deliver to individuals - do contact us for details.

So it just remains to say Merry Xmas to you all - hope the festive season is wonderful for you. We look forward to sharing lots of new offerings with you in 2019.

Thank you for all your support in 2018
Anne-Marie xx

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