The beginning of Autumn and there are some really splendid colours around us as nature does its next magnificent trick of changing its clothes. Having lived abroad for 5 years we really missed the seasons - Spring and Autumn in particular.  

And October heralds World Mental Health Day - October 10th.

In Wokingham WIWAG (Wellbeing in Wokingham Action Group) have been working very hard to host a Wellbeing Conference on that day (Anne-Marie is Chair of WIWAG and has been spending many hours preparing for what promises to be a great event) Lots of great speakers and workshops and organisations showcasing the many ways that people can care for their own wellbeing. And we have a host of related Wellbeing prizes in our FREE prize draw.  Great news for us is that it has sold out - maybe not so good for you if you didn't manage to get a ticket? You can always try the waiting list.

We have been very busy over the last month delivering the wonderful Mental Health First Aid training to a variety of organisations, Corporate and Community, nearby and further away - this months furthest journey was to Plymouth. We are based in Berkshire so quite a way, although on the train it was all very do-able.   
I discovered a great novel that many of you will probably have read - "Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine". It has been in the top book sales for several months - recommended, though not necessarily an easy or cheery read. This helped the train journey whizz past.

We will be holding another Open 2 Day MHFA Training in January - contact us if you would like to express an interest in that. It will be in the Maidenhead/Slough area of Berkshire - details being finalised. This is a rare opportunity to receive MHFA training in an Open course from an Associate Instructor with MHFA England. Details to follow - follow us on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter and be the first to find out - details below.

If you would like to book us to deliver In House to your Organisation do get in touch  We are happy to travel to deliver the 2 Day, 1 Day or Half Day courses. We can discuss with you as to what would best meet your needs.


Something else which you may be familiar with is this short animation on the search for Happiness in the Rat Race.  Worth a watch as it showcases the ways we (wrongly) think we can achieve happiness.

However - we don't want you to watch it and despair - the reason we are including it is because we often make choices that will not make us happy - we think they will, but they don't, or they do - but only momentarily.

Here at Unlock Your Wellbeing we actually take Happiness very seriously - which might sound like a contradiction in terms or an oxymoron. Yet if we look to the Science of Happiness we can find evidence of what actually make us happy and sometimes this is surprising.

We can deliver training and workshops to your workplace or community on this subject - in fact we have several "short" sessions that can be blended to produce a half day or full day of training, or can be shorter "lunch 'n learns" or as a "Speaker Slot" at any meeting, convention, conference etc. Always entertaining as well as evidence based.

Examples are -

1.    What Makes us Happy?

2.    What Keeps us Happy?

3.    Happiness Lessons from Winnie the Pooh

4.    The Happiness Jar Lesson

5.    Barriers to Happiness

For more ideas and information see the "Mix 'n March" on our website - here

We need to be deliberately happy - we need to work on our happiness - we need to make our happiness "reservoir" as DEEP as possible. Find out how with our great sessions.
Happiness Lessons From Our 4 Legged Friends

We love these words that we came across today - and loved them so much we created this image using them. Here's hoping that you like them too! 
We hope you will enjoy all the glories of October - and contact us for any of our Wellbeing and Mental Health Workshops.

Do contact us, Follow Us, Link With Us etc

Be Happy!

Anne-Marie xx

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