Recognise these exotic flowers? They are "Birds of Paradise" and even in February they were blooming away in Madeira, where we had a lovely week's holiday in February.  Not ridiculously hot, but never cold.

Now we are back and raring to go with lots to share with you..........

First up is a reminder that we have an Open Mental Health First Aid Course in Wokingham - March 12th and 13th.  Just a few spaces left, but plenty more courses throughout the year too.  We are delivering these with another Social Enterprise organisation - Cordell Health, who have a lovely training room in Finchampstead, Wokingham. They will be managing the bookings, so please contact them to sign up. We look forward to meeting you there.

For all of you who have trained in MHFA with me, please take a look at two valuable documents released by MHFA England this month. We think these will really help people to get to work on using their new found skills and knowledge in a more simplified and organised way - do check out and download here

As you know "Wellbeing" is our business.  One thing that is critical to that is a decent nights sleep.  Yet so many people tell us of many different sleep problems.  In Wokingham, Depression Xpression have invited our friend and colleague Dr Lindsay Browning from Trouble Sleeping to give a talk on Sleep - she is THE expert and you are welcome to come along

When: 6th March 7pm
Where:Salvation Army, Sturges Road, Wokingham

No need to book, just come along with your sleep issue.
We are VERY excited to let you know that we are now Instructors for i-act (for positive mental health and WELL being). 
This is a really excellent workplace course - well 2 courses really, one is for Managers and is the original i-act course.  It is a One Day course packed with practical help, support, tips, strategies for Managers who quite honestly feel they are lost when it comes to mental health and wellbeing issues.
As well as lots of guidance on what to do in a variety of situations, it takes a very preventative approach, putting wellbeing centre stage - and aiming to act before people become stressed and potentially unwell. If you think that it isn't possible to achieve this in the workplace contact us to find out more about how it can absolutely do just that.  
It really is a great course and what many managers are crying our for - from feeling lost, or not sure if there is anything they CAN do, Managers leave feeling inspired and brimming with ideas to make a positive difference to their workplace.
There is also a similar course for other employees and front line workers to be i-act "Practitioners".
And it doesn't end at the end of the training - you receive ongoing online access to tools for 3 years afterwards!  It is a fairly new course here in England - it started in Wales a few years ago. I think it is going to be very a useful addition to Workplace mental health training.   
Do contact us for further details, to discuss in more depth - we hope to be putting on some Road Shows to get this out to people, we will let you know where we will be.
We mentioned last month that we were going to be launching a Laughter Yoga club in Wokingham - and it will start in April - first Sunday of every month, starting April 7th. You need to book on Eventbrite - places are limited - there are a few spaces left so grab yours quickly. It is free - we just ask for a donation for the costs.

Oh my - you are going to LOVE Laughter Yoga!! And the phrases on the picture will mean a lot more to you after attending!!

Sign up here for a good belly laugh - just what the doctor ordered!
March 20th is International Day of Happiness - celebrated around the world. In Wokingham we don't want to miss out so there are some things going on that day, still a bit hush hush, but a BIG happy surprise. We will send you details before the day to give you a clue to what we are planning.
And finally - a short video - "Stop Trying to be Perfect!!" - a message to us all - we really do not have to be, nor can we be, perfect.  You will waste your life trying to achieve what is unachievable.
Enjoy the rest of March and do follow us on Social Media - see links below.

Very Best Wishes

Anne-Marie xx

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