Focus on what YOU can do to keep YOUR ship afloat - plenty of ideas here

It is more important than ever, if we don't want to sink our ship, to know what we CAN do to remain afloat. We can feel overwhelmed, powerless and threatened in the current situation. So how can we stay afloat?  
1. One of the ways that we can keep that water out is challenging some of our own negative thinking.  Our own brain is not always our best friend - it can be tricky and unhelpful. Identifying some of the tricks it can play on us, as well as some of the negative knee-jerk automatic thoughts we have, can be very useful to plug any leaking holes.

2. Another helpful tip is to identify what is actually in your control (so focus a lot of time and effort here), and what isn't.  We spend inordinate amounts of time and energy on things that we have no control over.  There is also a middle ground - areas we can influence - which may not be in our direct control, but we can impact them.
So at the moment we control things like what we eat, where we go - or don't go, washing our hands, social distancing, how we spend our time - on things we enjoy, having a variety of things to do, keeping in touch with people we care about.  
We can influence others by what we post on social media, supporting local initiatives in our neighbourhood, encouraging others to social distance.
We have no control whatsoever on what the weather will be like, what messages world leaders make on Twitter or making our holiday plans come true. We may have concerns about them, but we can't do anything about them. A level of acceptance is needed to quell our wasted energy here.
So if you find yourself stuck in your thinking, going round and round in a negative spiral - ask yourself if its under your Control? Influence? or Concern?  If you can control it do so - if it is something that you have no control over, let it go - and focus on what you CAN control.

Do you like the sound of that? Want to learn more? We have a series of Wellbeing Workshops where we discuss these in more detail and many other things too.  We have been delivering these in a variety of workplaces with much success over this difficult time. These workshops aim to help you make changes, often quite small, which will impact positively on your mental wellbeing - so important to provide a counter balance to a lot of negative inputs - keeping our ship afloat and the journey easier.
We have a special offer - book 3 of our workshops and get the 4th FREE.
Popular options are
Managing Stress + Improving Resilience + Unhelpful Thinking Traps + FREE - Science of Happiness, or Getting a Good Night's Sleep
Sessions are around an hour and have made some really positive differences to attendees.
Book a call to discuss how it could help YOUR WORKPLACE

3. AND - of course don't forget the 5 Ways to Wellbeing - these can apply to you personally and also in the workplace

Are you keen to BUILD A BETTER workplace to return to?
Employee Wellbeing and Positive mental health is key to that and we have options to help you achieve it. The "new normal" is going to be different - what would that look like for you? A workplace with more compassion and regard for the wellbeing of your staff? How will you achieve it? We have lots of ideas and suggestions

And now Mental Health First Aid England training is available online - including the course to become a mental health first aider. Previously a two day course in the classroom, it has innovatively been transformed into a combination of "Self-directed learning" and online training sessions to cover the course content.
We are now offering this course as well as the MHFA England half day "awareness" training online. Training people to become Mental Health First Aiders is a great way to support wellbeing in the workplace - join the hundreds of other workplaces offering this to their employees.
Our own Unlock Your Wellbeing certified Mental Health Awareness course offers you a brilliant course, packed with information. It is very accessible price wise.
We have a course on June 30th online, which you can sign up for here, just £50

We can deliver this online in-house for you too, at the remarkable price of just £750 for up to 16 delegates!

This is a great way to start your work place mental health journey. We would love to see this made a compulsory part of everyone's Induction and training.
We have LOTS of ideas and tips for you to make use of. If you would like to discuss things further do book a call with us here  It could be one of the best things you do to demonstrate to your staff that their wellbeing is important to you, as well as a way for you to get expert help in mental health and wellbeing matters.

Have as GLORIOUS a June as you can and stay safe and look after yourself and those around you. If you want more information about our work you can link with us on social media for more information too.
Kind regards


Anne-Marie Gawen
Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Wellbeing Speaker & Trainer

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