As you can imagine this is an important week in our calendar.  Whilst quite a few things have had to be cancelled, we have also had extra bookings for talks and workshops ONLINE. Our "Managing Stress" session has been particularly popular - we have 4 booked so far!  We also have the I-act for Managers course on Wednesday, so we will be very busy.

Feeling inspired to do something?
We have 2 Mental Health Awareness workshops you can book onto. One is the Mental Health First Aid England 4 hour session on June 2nd - book here
The other is our own - Unlock Your Wellbeing - Mental Health Awareness workshop on June 30th - book here
Both are "open" courses that you can book on individually.

Would you like us to deliver to your workplace - you can now book a meeting with us by checking our diary here and choosing a time that fits with you (Isn't technology marvelous sometimes?)

We will be posting a LOT this week on social media - here are some of the images we will be posting for you - all in one place. We hope you find them inspiring. Follow us on
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Remember our short sessions - ideal for an online Lunch'n'Learn
Choose from:

And don't forget our special offer - a Bundle of Wellbeing - 3 sessions for the price of 4!
Have a great week - and remember us when you are planning any mental health or wellbeing activity

Stay well, stay safe

Kind regards