Finally January ended - it seemed a VERY long month somehow.  We now move into February, having lots of news to share with you.

Firstly - we are very proud to announce that we have broken the 500 barrier of people we have trained in Mental Health First Aid! Yes over 500 trained!  It has been an absolute pleasure - so if you are one of those who has attended one of our training sessions - thank you.  We hope you you are using your skills - including looking after your own wellbeing.

For anyone wanting to experience MHFA you are now able to join an open course in Wokingham (Finchampstead) throughout the year - either the Gold Standard 2 Day course or the 1 Day Workplace course. Do book with Keri - or 0118 207 6190
OR - we can come to your organisation and deliver in house at reasonable prices too - we are a Social Enterprise - keen to get this training to as many people as possible.

And now for something completely different!!
Yes you read that correctly....... Laughter is such fun!
Come and laugh your stress away. We are starting a new Laughter Yoga Club in Wokingham - once a month on Sundays from April 7th - come and try it out, it will leave you buzzing!. 
Booking is here -
So what is it? - fun, exercise and laughter. The yoga part is to do with the breathing that you do when you laugh - you don't need special clothes - just comfortable ones, plenty of water and a sense of FUN. Its FREE - we just ask for a donation for the cost of the venue. We hope this will be a regular occurrence and that lots of you will join us. We will be joined by Andrea Detchon ( who is a very experienced Laughter Yoga teacher. Places will be limited to 25 - don't miss out, book now!.

Want Laughter Yoga in your Organisation/Workplace? - and there are many benefits as to why you should - do contact us for Laughter Yoga Workshops brought to you.
Look out for us on March 20th - International Day of Happiness - in Wokingham Town Centre for something special too (Can't say anymore!)
Do also follow WIWAG (Wellbeing in Wokingham Action Group) on Facebook for more events on March 20th as well as plans for Mental Health Awareness Week in May - lots of fabulous activities coming up.
WIWAG would like to thank both Barkham Hookers (crochet Group in case you wondered!) and Waitrose Wokingham for generous financial donations in January - we are so delighted that we will be able to use the money to put on events and spread the Emotional Wellbeing message further - look out for events on out Facebook page above

Within WIWAG are many very talented and caring people - some stay and join the team, others come along to let us know what they are working on. For those in Wokingham, we have had the pleasure of an exhibition at Shute End Council Offices of a "word artist" called Jane who has her work exhibited in locations such as NHS staff areas, patient waiting areas etc, to make the viewer smile and think, and make the experience a little better.  
She would love to get her work out to more areas, so if you know of a person or business who would like to sponsor a piece of her work do contact her -
Here is an example of some of her work
An interesting short video that has come to ourattention recently - Will Smith talking about Fault v Responsibility - have a watch - what do you think? We can spend so much time dwelling on the past and those who have hurt us - but what if we let go? - and gave our energy and attention to making our now and our future better? Worth a thought.
We will be busy over the next few months with talks to various groups around Happiness and Mental Health - our talks are lively and entertaining as well as a learning opportunity

Particularly popular are our What Makes us Happy? and What Keeps us Happy? talks, as well as Managing Stress Better and Optimising SLEEP and Reducing Fatigue.  We also have workshops available covering Listening Skills and Mental Health Awareness.  Do contact us if you are looking for a talk or workshop on these topics.

Have a great February - whether that is enjoying the frost & snow, appreciating the brave little spring flowers emerging through the frozen ground, or staying snug and warm inside.

Very Best Wishes

Anne-Marie xx

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Phone: 0118 9619983

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