A warm welcome to our March newsletter!
Whisper if you dare - SPRING is nearly here. No doubt we will still have more winter weather here in the UK to contend with, but the days are getting longer and daffodils and other flowers are blooming. A beautiful time of year is just around the corner.

We have three things we particularly want to tell you about this month - our own new Half Day Mental Health Awareness course, International Day of Happiness and, a little ahead of schedule - Mental Health Awareness Week. Lots more too!
Our own brand Mental Health Awareness Course
Whilst we still deliver the MHFA half day course - with all it's associated resources and brand name, we are now able to offer an alternative.
Our MH Awareness course is particularly good for the workplace.
The aims of the course are
To learn more about mental health and mental illness & it's effect in the workplace
To understand the damage that stigma does
To understand Stress (in the workplace and elsewhere) and learn ways to stay in control
To have a better understanding of suicide in the UK
Enable you to start a conversation with someone who may be struggling emotionally
To find out sources of support, treatment and how to stay well
To look after your own mental health & wellbeing

We want to make this as accessible as possible, especially to small to medium sized businesses, who are not sure how to start thinking about mental health in the workplace.
So the costs are kept as low as possible at £500 per half day session for up to 20 people. 
Fill the room and that works out at only £25 per person!
Each delegate will receive our 20 page resource and pen, so you just need to bring yourselves.
Do get in touch with us and let's book a session with you and your colleagues.
A quick Head's Up - this year's Mental Health Awareness week is 18th to 24th May and the chosen theme this year is "Sleep".
Many people struggle to get good quality sleep, and/or enough of it. Sounds familiar? It absolutely need not be that way.
Our sleep is so closely related to our wellbeing. When our sleep is poor, or interrupted - even for a "good" reason such as being jet lagged on a wonderful far flung holiday, we really struggle to be our most joyful selves!!  If this is an ongoing issue it can affect us quite significantly. And it need not continue - you CAN find out how to improve your sleep.

We have a great workshop - "Sleep Hygiene" which we would love to bring to you and your colleagues during Mental Health Awareness week - so do contact us to book a time and date.  It seems a long time off, but book now to ensure this sleep workshop or any of our other workshops. Email us for availability

March 20th is a great day in our calendar, as many of you will know. We get very excited about the release of the Happiness Index, ranking countries of the world according to their happiness rather than GDP.

We have our long standing and impactful "Science & Secrets of Happiness" workshop available for that day (or the days around it) which we would love to bring to your workplace. We receive so many commendations about the impact this course has had on people - often many months after they have received itWe fervently believe that everyone deserves happiness in their lives.
And a Happy Workplace is a Productive Workplace - it is soooo important!!

And talking about happiness, we have just 2 spaces left at our Action for Happiness course in Reading (starting March 9th at 6.30pm for 8 weeks). That's Thames Valley TV came along to interview us and produced this short video giving you an insight into what the course is all about. Book here

Other training coming up soon
April 28th - Psychosis Training with Involve - we are delivering a half day training course about psychosis - what is it? Myths and facts, conditions where psychosis is present, treatment and management.  Quite a misunderstood condition which you can learn more about - book here £25 per person.

April 23rd - Personality Disorders Training with Involve - we are delivering this half day training about Personality Disorders - Understanding what a Personality Disorder is, the different types and how it affects people. What treatments work and what helps people live with and manage these conditions well?  Sign up here - £25 per person

In case you missed it - our recent BLOG "Emo-Diversity" (what is it and why is it important?) is available here  It involves this "Emotions Wheel" - do read it, as it has some interesting points to make about being human!

What action will YOU take? Make this the year/decade that you unlock all that is possible for your life. Remember, this is not a dress rehearsal - this is your life, so live it as well as you can.

Have a BRILLIANT March and do please contact us, link with us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter - we are here to help YOU to Unlock YOUR Wellbeing

With very best wishes


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