Happy New Year (& New Decade) from Unlock Your Wellbeing

Typing "Unlock Your Wellbeing" it seems absolutely the right thing to do right NOW.  What a great time to really unlock your wellbeing, live the life that is right for you and let go of unhelpful things - so you have the space in your life NOW for the right things.  

What is the right thing for you? Only you know that - but you might need some help to discover the key to unlocking a great future. You might want to read something inspiring? Get some Life Coaching or therapy? You might want to think about wellbeing in your workplace - and have some inspirational workshops or training?
Unlock Your Wellbeing can help with the workshops and training, and we are well connected in the world of wellbeing, so do ask us if you are looking for help with Life Coaching or Therapy.
Our Workshops and Talks are really well received and impactful - especially our Science of Happiness, 5 Ways to Wellbeing, Sleep Hygiene and Personal Resilience. But we have more and will be launching our new Self-Compassion training this month.
We have put this slideshow together - to wish you a Happy New Year and let you know about the things we do.

We have also written a new Blog - "7 Ways to a More Meaningful Life" where you will find some GREAT ideas too. - Check it out here

Our work happens in many locations - mostly in Workplaces, where we have delivered Mental Health First Aid training to hundreds of people, but a lot of workplaces choose our i-act (for positive wellbeing and mental health) training. We also support workplaces with ongoing wellbeing workshops and lunch'n'learns
But we also work in many Community groups too - our message about good wellbeing knows no boundaries.  One very important area we love to work in are mental health Recovery Colleges, supporting people in their recovery from mental illness - do Google "Recovery Colleges" and see if you have one locally.
We will be working with Involve in the coming months delivering some mental health training workshops. These are what we have planned so far.
February 4th - Suicide Prevention
February 11th - Psychosis
April 23rd - Personality Disorders

If you are interested in any of these please book with Claire Page, Training Co-ordinator 01344 383524. Courses are held in Bracknell and Wokingham - check out further training they deliver too.

Still looking for some inspiration to improve/unlock YOUR Wellbeing?? - take a look at this slideshow for ideas
Do get in touch - we know lots of other people working in the wellbeing field too, doing some of the things that we don't - such as Nutrition, Yoga, Life Coaching and Therapists.
Take action NOW to make this the year/decade that you unlock all that is possible for your life - remember, this is not a dress rehearsal - this is your life, so live it as well as you can.

Plenty going on as usual, we hope you will join us - hope to see you soon!
Have a BRILLIANT January and do please contact us, link with us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter - we are here to help YOU to Unlock YOUR Wellbeing!

With very best wishes for 2020


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