Mental Health in the Workplace
Deloitte (who have researched extensively in this area) estimate that poor mental health among employees costs UK employers £42bn – £45bn each year. A rise of 16% since their last report in 2017.
Did you know these financial implications?
These costs are largely around Absence, Presenteeism and Staff Turnover.  Of these, Presenteeism is by far the largest cost - it refers to people going to work when they are unwell and not performing at their best. It also includes people who use their own time and their leave to work (Leavism) - this inability to disconnect from work due to an increased use of technology is contributing to burnout.

Their report also highlights that the mental health of younger employees and difficulties with personal finances are also factors in increasing mental health issues in the workforce. The increasing "Gig Economy", short term and temporary contracts all contribute to the anxiety around income.

There are some things about the workplace that CAN be bad for our mental wellbeing and for profits. But many workplaces are positively GOOD for our wellbeing, that should be the aim.

Deloitte's report shows many ways that employers can make a difference  

Very importantly, Deloitte’s research also shows that proactive support for staff through mental health training provides a high Return on Investment (ROI) and is also an effective way of showing commitment to a mental health agenda, while driving organisational change.  And of course for many employers, it is the right, ethical thing to do, it is part of their Duty of Care.

And the good news is we can HELP!

This year, for Mental Health Awareness Week (starting 18th May), why not kick start your mental health training in your workplace? Or, continue and refresh - it is not "one and done", but an ongoing process. Increasing skills and knowledge in this area is key.
On 20th May you can join us for our i-act training course for Managers. We now deliver this online over half a day.
This practical course, full of tips and tools, will give your Managers the confidence, skills and knowledge that they need - and are often lacking or wishing to improve and develop. Are YOUR managers up to speed on mental health and wellbeing issues? If not - this is the course for them.
We can discuss delivering directly to your workplace. We can also follow up with additional associated workshops and support to embed it where required.
Make this the time that you show your commitment to the wellbeing of your staff.
Email us for that discussion or, book onto the open course
We also have a wonderful suite of Wellbeing Workshops, aimed at improving personal knowledge and skills which will build resilience in your employees/colleagues and improve morale. Each is developed as a Lunch 'n' Learn, up to an hour each.
Topics include
  •      Managing Stress Well – Take Back Control
  •      Resilience – How to Bounce Back More Effectively
  •      Unhelpful Thinking Traps – How to Avoid Them
  •      Sleep Hygiene – How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep
  •      5 Ways to Wellbeing – for you personally and the Workplace
  •     The Science of Happiness – The (sometimes surprising) Findings of Science                Our most popular session, with good reason – who doesn’t want to know the                secrets to happiness?!

We have a great special offer - A bundle of any 3 of the above sessions and we will then provide a FREE "Secrets to Happiness" workshop!
Email us to discuss what would work best for YOU

We also have Mental Health Awareness Training courses - half day sessions.

Mental Health First Aid England "Aware" course is now available online for up to 16 people - we  deliver to your workplace.
Our own Unlock Your Wellbeing Mental Health Awareness Course - suitable for everyone. We would love to see this as a compulsory part of everyone's Induction.
These 2 courses are suitable for EVERYONE and help you to create a strong base line of wellbeing and mental health culture, with skills and knowledge for everyone.

The 2 Day Mental Health First Aid training course is in development to be delivered online - watch this space for further announcements.

What will you do? Not sure? Book a call with us, we are very used to working with organisations who are not sure where to start or what to do next.  We are well connected with lots of other professionals so we can sign post you to other resources too.

We look forward to hearing how we can work with you in the coming weeks - so let's book a zoom call and put a plan in place to support the emotional and mental health of the people you work with.

Kind regards



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