It's time to welcome November!
Here at Unlock Your Wellbeing, October was a particularly busy month - because October 10th is World Mental Health Day. A lot of our work is around mental health and mental illness, whether as educators or supporting people.  We really want to help people to improve the quality of their lives and to stay well.
This time of year is often difficult for many people - the shorter days and longer nights make things even more challenging. We hope you will try out our "10 steps to wellbeing" on our website here for daily ways to make a positive difference. 
If you belong to a group/community/workplace that would like an injection of hope and optimism we have a wide variety of talks and workshops that we can bring to you

Short sessions to Improve Wellbeing at Work and in your Personal life.
Provided as Coffee’n’Chat or Lunch’n’Learn sessions or general Talks (30-60 minutes)

Pick & Mix from the following:
  • Stress – how much stress is good for you?
  • Stress – Exploring Helpful & Unhelpful strategies
  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing – for you personally
  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing for you and your workplace
  • Other Ways to Wellbeing
  • What Makes us Happy?
  • What Keeps us Happy?
  • Barriers to Happiness
  • Ways to be Calmer/More Zen
  • Resilience - How can you Bounce Back quickly?
  • Learn to Reframe, learn to change your reactions
  • Breathing – why you can use it as a Secret Weapon
  • Common mental illnesses – Depression
  • Common mental illnesses – Anxiety
  • How to support someone with a mental illness in the work place – noticing, awareness, timing
  • How to approach someone you are concerned about - start a conversation and keep listening
  • Listening Skills
  • Optimising SLEEP & reducing Fatigue - how well do you sleep?
  • *Unhelpful thinking - stop that negative self-talk – Part 1
  • *Unhelpful thinking – stop that negative self-talk – Part 2

This month we were auditioned for entry into the Speakers Book for The W.I. - and we were successful! This means that any WI group who is interested in a speaker for their meetings can find our details and book us! If you belong to a W.I and would like to know more do please contact us. We are based near Reading in Berkshire

We are heavily involved with Wellbeing in Wokingham Action Group - WIWAG - and had a fantastic day on October 10th at our Wellbeing Conference in Wokingham
We had wonderful speakers and workshops, as well as lots of ideas for people to find ways to improve their wellbeing and possibly prevent them becoming mentally unwell, or helping their recovery.

Do check out the Facebook page for more about this great event here
The event was sold out, with a waiting list - so make sure you are quick off the mark for our future events - we are delighted that it was so popular.

WIWAG would love you to join us at our next monthly meeting on November 12th at 1.30 - if you are interested in the wellbeing and mental health of people in Wokingham this is the place for you!  

Please "Like" our Facebook page to keep up to date with what we are doing
In case you missed this event - we launched our Mental Health Apps leaflet - giving you information about recommended Apps that might be helpful 

We also launched our idea for "Friendship Benches" to be provided around Wokingham Borough. The idea is to have benches where people who want to have a chat can sit - and if you want to join them you can.

We have a lovely "mock up" mini Friendship Bench which we hope to get around the area for you to see and sign our petition asking for these to be provided
Unlock Your Wellbeing and WIWAG are hoping to collaborate with Wokingham In Need and DrugFAM after the Conference and after being invited to a wonderful Gala Charity Concert in London as VIP guests of Wokingham in Need - who helped to finance our Wellbeing Conference. Collaboration and mutual support will increase our ability to make a difference..

WIWAG will be holding some smaller Wellbeing Events in the coming months thanks to a grant that e have been awarded from Wokingham Healthwatch. We are delighted to be able to provide more ways of showcasing ways to improve our quality of life and hear from supporting organisations - keep an eye on WIWAG's Facebook page for updates.

And if you have been affected by mental illness and are interested in Art or Photography - think about joining this (closed) Facebook group - very supportive and inspiring!

We continue to deliver 2 Day, 1 Day and Half Day MHFA Training to organisations large and small - from International Law firms, Construction Firms to Individuals and Community Groups.  We love delivering this training and it shows in the terrific feedback we always get from our courses.  Not always an easy topic but we deliver with sensitivity, clarity and a touch of humour where appropriate. Never a dull moment in these courses - which educate and give confidence to those attending - due to the mix of exercises, discussions and power point presentations.  Do contact us if you are considering this training for your organisation or group.

We hope to organise an Open 2 Day training session in 2019 - potentially in Maidenhead/Slough area, do let us know if you would be interested.

And now for something completely different!

Do you ever look at the "middle aisle" in Lidl or Aldi with surprise, wonder or amusement? Then this is for you!!

And finally - on the theme of Wellbeing - here are some ways to be kind to YOURSELF!

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Happy November!

Anne-Marie xx

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