July is here - That means it's time for Wimbledon to begin, so 2 glorious weeks of lovely sunshine (fingers crossed) - hence the picture of strawberries!
A special welcome if this is your first newsletter - lots of new people have signed up this month from the various Mental Health First Aid and i-act (for positive wellbeing and mental health) courses we have delivered, plus people we met on the i-act stand at the CIPD conference at Olympia in London, as well as people from the Women's Institute.
Many of you will not be aware, but the Women's Institute chooses a topic - a "Resolution" - which they put their efforts into every year. This year their topic was "Mental Health Matters", hence why our wellbeing and mental health talks have been so popular.

Coming up ..... Future training options, new service to support Mental Health First Aiders, news of THE AMAZING Wellbeing Conference in Wokingham and something thought provoking...........!!

First - our Mental Health First Aid training Open sessions. We have delivered the last Open 2 day session for this term, but have a One day (workplace focused) training session on July 11th - just a few places left so sign up whilst you can.  
We will be delivering open 2 Day and 1 Day sessions again with our partners Cordell Health (exceptional Occupational Health providers) in Berkshire, from September - more next month or ask Keri (above) when they will be held.
You may prefer to have MHFA training delivered in-house - we can easily arrange this, at great prices, with a very experienced and highly regarded Instructor. We love delivering this training - and it shows in the brilliant feedback we get.
Having  Mental Health First Aiders in your workplace or organisation is a great message to your employees that you are taking their wellbeing seriously.  Read this article if you would like to know more about what it means to be or have MHFAiders in the workplace - or in the world in general.
New New New - by popular demand - we have developed a support package for Mental Health First Aiders - something we felt was missing.  
Following MHFA training delegates are usually hugely inspired to get going in their role. For organisational reasons this may take some time to implement and embed.
  • A few weeks or months may pass before you use you skills.
  • Or there may be long gaps between MHFA conversations.
  • Or you may wonder if you did the right thing
  • Or you may want to brush up on a particular aspect of the course - eg Listening Skills
  • Or you may have ideas and suggestions as to how it can be better implemented

For lots of reasons this ongoing support and Reflective Practice will enable MHFAiders to remain committed to the role and strengthen and refresh their skills. We suggest quarterly meetings of 2-3 hours for MHFAiders to take a pause to consider what they are achieving and would anything make it even better.
This is available now - and you may not have completed your MHFA original training with us.  We are also ready to deliver the MHFA Refresher Training course when required (suggested every 3 years).
Contact us for further information.
i-act (for positive wellbeing & mental health) has become increasingly popular and with good reason.
This is a One Day course that equips you with confidence and improved awareness of the things that can help to improve or maintain good wellbeing - even when the going gets tough. It has a predominantly proactive and positive approach - let's prevent things deteriorating, rather than having to deal with things as they become more serious.
Especially helpful for Managers - who are provided with a fabulous manual which is really useful and user friendly, with practical templates and guides - which you can also get free online for 3 years after completing the course. It showcases the many ways to achieve great wellbeing - in the workplace and beyond - and ways of supporting someone who may be having difficulties - really practical and interactive - you will love it.  
There are 2 versions - the one specifically for Managers and another for non managers, front line workers, co-workers and the general public.  
i-act is fully evidence based, accredited and comes with CPD points - important for many professions. More on our website
Contact us for details of how we can provide this to your organisation - something you will remember and recall when you are dealing with difficult conversations.

- our Laughter Yoga Club in Wokingham meets first Sunday of the month - so the next one is 7th July. We will take a break after this session and return in September/October - you can book this session here. It is free to attend, just sign up and come along with plenty of water and an open mind and prepare to give body and soul a TREAT
We are also getting a fair bit of interest in Laughter Yoga from the Corporate sector who would like to give their employees tools to deal with the stresses of life - as well as have a great invigorating stimulating session, leaving people buzzing and wide awake.
Great to have as a lunchtime session or early afternoon to counteract that post-lunch dip!
Contact us to book a trial session



At Holiday Inn Hotel, Winnersh Triangle

Would your organisation like to have its name linked to THE major wellbeing event in Wokingham?

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. Every year, our small community group led by volunteers, called Wellbeing In Wokingham Action Group, (WIWAG) host a conference to showcase the myriad ways that there are to care for our wellbeing in our local area. The emphasis is on prevention and positive interventions that we can all make to support our own wellbeing.

Speaker slots and workshops are filling up fast, covering topics such as Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, as well as more specialist topics like Suicide First Aid and Laughter Yoga.

We anticipate at least 150 people in attendance. Last year we had a wide cross section of people – head teachers, business leaders, social workers, public health officers and many local businesses and individuals. The Deputy Mayor and Thames Valley TV were also there.

This year we will invite local dignitaries and the 4 MP's who are part of Wokingham Borough AND the Royal family - Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry - who have taken a lead on mental health matters.

We always try to make it an inclusive event, accessible to all, and plan to heavily subsidise tickets at only £10 each – but we need your help!

Your company name and logo would reach hundreds of people!
  • Fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility pledges by supporting this great local cause
  • Share the powerful message that you are concerned about wellbeing, and support this event

We are looking for a maximum of 2 Main Sponsors - at £1000 and a maximum of 4 Associate Sponsors at £500

Contact us - (Anne-Marie is also the current Chair of WIWAG)
We can get you included in all our marketing right from the beginning - we want to start publicising this from early to mid July.
A great opportunity for an established company or a newer, smaller organisation looking for more exposure in this important area of Wellbeing

Other ways you can help us raise money for our Wellbeing Conference - by coming to the Wokingham Soup event July 18th. For £5 you get a bowl of soup - and a voting token. Listen to the 3 finalist organisations who will pitch and then vote for the one you want to get the prize money of £250.  You will also get to meet the various organisations and audience - so an opportunity to network and make friends too.
PLEASE come along and vote for WIWAG if you possibly can - thank you SO MUCH!!

And finally - food for thought for you

Have a BRILLIANT July and do please contact us, link with us, connect and comment - we are here to help YOU to Unlock YOUR Wellbeing!

Very Best Wishes


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