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Mental Health Awareness Week

This is the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week so a great time to send out my first official newsletter from Unlock Your Wellbeing.

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Website News

I am delighted to let you know that I will be launching my new updated website today – do pop along and take a look – it is much clearer and more interactive -

You will find a link to a new downloadable “10 practical steps to manage your mental health” – I will guide you through it day by day for a week. Lots of tips and links throughout the week, I am sure you will enjoy it and find it useful – get your free guide on the Home page!  

Thanks to Russ at Motivate Wellness for creating the website and for working hard to get it ready for this week. If you are considering having a website built do consider him – you can email him at

As well as a new website I also have a new email address: Please add this to your contacts list. If you email the previous address don’t worry – all will be forwarded to the new one – just look out for the slight name change.

Mental Health First Aid news

One of my major training deliveries is Mental Health First Aid, as many of you will know.
I am co-delivering in Wokingham on May 21st/22nd, with fellow MHFA Instructor Lisa – there are a few places left so do sign up here if you are interested in this unique and internationally accredited course and become a Mental Health First Aider.

I will be holding another 2 day course in July  (11th & 12th) in The Oracle in Reading – full details here.

I am delighted to have been selected as an Associate Trainer, delivering MHFA with MHFA England AND the British Safety Council which will allow me to do even more deliveries of this much needed training course – the aim is to train 1 in 10 of the population in these skills, so quite a long way to go yet!

If you, your organisation or community would like this training please contact us for details. We are qualified to deliver the 2 Day First Aider course, the One Day “Champion” course (particularly good for the workplace) as well as the Half Day “Awareness” course – suitable for everyone over 16.  Do check out our website pages Insert link to MHFA page where you will see much more information as well as videos and a brochure which you can download.  Then give us a call and discuss how we can help you and your organisation to benefit from this great training.

Launch of WIWAG

As many of you will know my passion is around mental health and recovery, and I am thrilled that we will be launching WIWAG this week too. What is that? - Wellbeing in Wokingham Action Group. We will be travelling around Wokingham Borough this week – talking to people, businesses about mental health awareness week and all things to do with this year’s theme of STRESS Do look out for us and join our WIWAG group – the more the merrier.

Stress (and other) Workshops

Talking of STRESS we deliver plenty of workshops to deal directly and indirectly with coping well with stress, being happier, more resilient etc so do check out what we offer.

Our workshops will provide you with PLENTY of wisdom as well as practicalities.
One way to reduce stress at work – see this fun video

Ethical Reading

Unlock Your Wellbeing has become involved with Ethical Reading (the town not the activity!) in particular with their project Brighter and Ethical Workplaces project. We have our first event at the IBIS Hotel on Oxford Road, Reading at lunchtime this Thursday May 17th – see here for details and to sign up. We will be there so come and see what we are up to.
If you, your organisation or community would like this training please contact us for details. We are qualified to deliver the 2 Day First Aider course, the One Day “Champion” course (particularly good for the workplace) as well as the Half Day “Awareness” course – suitable for everyone over 16.

Action for Happiness

Alongside Aimee Read, I co-delivered the excellent, life changing Action for Happiness course in Wokingham recently. It was a tremendous success and has many outcomes as a legacy from personal changes, to regular meetings that will continue. It was so successful that we are going to deliver another “Exploring What Matters” - in Reading this time. It will start on June 5th 6 - 8pm, and runs for 8 weeks – you can sign up here.  Tickets already selling fast so hurry! Charge is based on a suggested donation of £90 for the 8 weeks BUT it is whatever you can afford, so do not let costs put you off.

Recovery College work

What is a Recovery College you might well be asking?  It is a unique service for people affected by mental illness. It offers a variety of courses to promote good mental health and to improve personal wellbeing. There are many different courses, from Understanding different conditions, to great self-management strategies. Many social and sporting groups can develop from peer support which develops from the courses.

Our next WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) course in Reading begins May 23rd for 4 weeks and one more course starting July 3rd– please book with Compass Recovery College

Our next WRAP course in Maidenhead starts in August 3rd – please contact Opportunity Recovery College - 01628 640200

Hope you like the new website and find plenty of interesting things that you would like to be involved with in the next few weeks – look forward to seeing you at some of them! Do check out my Blogs on our website too.

Best wishes

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Anne-Marie Gawen
Life Coach, Mental Health First Aid Instructor, WRAP Facilitator and Wellbeing Trainer
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