Managers - use this time to increase your skills in wellbeing and mental health matters

Solutions for Managers - Wellbeing & Mental Health workshops
It's going to be another 3 weeks at least before the current lock-down will even be considered again for reducing and it's likely to be many more weeks before people get back to anything approaching normal work.  
Even though you may be stuck at home you CAN be doing something which will always stand you in good stead whatever you do next in your career. What is that? Use the time to learn about mental health and wellbeing and what managers can do.
It is highly likely that your wellbeing and mental health has been negatively impacted during the lock down - as well as the negative impact on the teams you manage. More than ever skills and knowledge are needed in this area
Are you trying to manage the wellbeing of your employees or colleagues? Are you struggling to know what to suggest? How to have difficult conversations with people who are struggling? We have some great online suggestions for you - to empower your staff as well as yourself.

We have always considered that caring for our wellbeing and good mental health is the most important thing to do and this crisis has brought that to a head.
Maybe you are one of the more than 50% of managers who has never had ANY training in mental health in the workplace? Now is the time to put that right.

Use this time wisely and provide great solutions so you and your team are as resilient and well as you can be.

We are now offering one hour workshops online for your teams (up to 15 people). The wellbeing of your staff should be your top priority right now, and whilst these aren't the answer to everything they are a BIG part of the answer.
They provide tips and strategies on a range of wellbeing topics and will arm you all with a range of  possibilities, bringing hope in what can feel like dark times.

Choose from:
The Science of Happiness - absolutely vital for everyone. See why we need to be deliberate about safeguarding our happiness and the many ways that science has shown adds to our happiness, and what doesn't - some surprises along the way. Also covers the importance of happiness at work.

Managing Stress Better - another must have for everyone. Find out how to stay in control of your life rather than being at the mercy of competing stressors. Ever noticed that some people seem to cope with vast amounts of stress without any issues - what is their secret? Again a real life-skill, simple and immediately usable. Are any of YOUR colleagues stressed? Well then........... Contact us asap!

Resilience - Learn How to Bounce Back from Adversity - we cannot avoid bad things happening to us - from the minor - forgetting to set the alarm clock? to the major - bereavement or other serious loss. No one gets out of this life without struggling at times. Why do some people seem to bounce back more quickly - and bounce back even better sometimes?

Sleep Hygiene - Getting a Good Night's Sleep. Sleep is very closely correlated with our wellbeing, happiness and good mental health. It is your right to have a good nights sleep.  Many people struggle or put up with poor sleep. Find out from our myriad ideas, tips and strategies how YOU can sleep better.

Unhelpful Thinking Traps - until we see what they are, we are very unaware of some of the common thinking traps that people can get stuck in and can really reduce the quality of their lives. Free yourself from some of these traps and get freedom from negative thinking  

5 Ways to Wellbeing - you have probably heard of all kinds of things you can do for your physical health, to stay well - but what about messages about staying mentally and emotionally well? Come and find out what they are and how they can help individuals and workplaces, to make the world a better place for everyone.

These workshops are only £200 each - meaning that if you have 15 participants that is only £13pp - WOW!    It gets better - we will give you 10% discount if you book more than one!!

We deliver top quality mental health courses - and we have been working hard to bring you the above courses which are now available on line. Get ahead of the curve and be more prepared for supporting and understanding some of the issues that your colleagues may experience. We MUST get rid of the stigma surrounding mental illness. Education is one of the key ways to do this.

The Managing Mental Health course from i-act training has been very quickly converted from a One Day course to a half day online course, very successfully.  You still receive the brilliant manual - crammed with resources for Managers to quickly find the way forwards, colour co-ordinated with online resources for 3 years.  Previously you may have struggled to know what to do for the best, after this course you will be inspired and keen to put your skills to good use quickly!
We can bring this to your organisation and train your managers together - we send the resources to home addresses and deliver the course online to wherever your Managers are.
Book your Managers for this course and give them the skills they are definitely going to need - both now and when this unprecedented situation is over. 
The world, and your organisation, needs people with these skills and knowledge.
Alternatively you can sign up individually to our "Open course" on April 30th.  
You can book here - i-act online Open Course on Eventbrite

All of these workshops will demonstrate that there is hope, we are not powerless - instead you will have the skills you need to benefit both yourself personally and the wider community in your workplace. 

For more guidance on Managing in the time of Covid 19 read our free Blog here

Maybe you are not a manager but like the sound of these workshops? - do share them with your line manager or HR team, and lets hope that they will see the benefit - share as widely as you can.

We are posting regularly, on LinkedIn especially, so do connect with us to keep up to date.

Stay well, wash your hands, keep your connections going, eat well, exercise when you can, sleep well and sign up for some of our workshops - you know it makes sense!!

Best Wishes


Director, Unlock Your Wellbeing