A warm welcome to our October newsletter - which is a little later than usual due to our holiday last week.  And it was on the plane that I read something in the paper which caught my eye - an article on the benefits of happiness.  Now, many of you will know me from my talks and workshops on happiness, so will understand that this was a great moment for me, especially the part about the need for Happiness Lessons - yes yes yes yes yes - I have been saying this for a long time!!!

This is from The Times on Saturday - 28th September.

Whether the motivation is to improve our physical health or improve our wellbeing and reduce stress, our lessons/talks on Happiness certainly help a lot of people see the world slightly differently, and reconsider what their priorities will be with their new found knowledge.

Our Science of Happiness talks are the most popular of our Lunch'n'Learns - with good reason. We have delivered to a lot of people over the last few years - over 300, and we love spreading the word about the good news about what ACTUALLY makes us happy, different types of happiness and many of you will have benefited from the "prescription" we give you.

Intrigued? Want to learn more?

Ask us about delivering to your group - whether a workplace or a community setting - happiness needs to happen everywhere!!!

So now we are back from holiday we are straight into delivering more wonderful training packages - the great, practical i-act course for both Managers as well as non managers and front line workers - which covers learning about mental health and illness, what we can do to prevent mental illness developing and be POSITIVE about our wellbeing, as well as how to step up and support someone who may be struggling.  And also the various different Mental Health First Aid Courses that we have planned.  

If you are interested in attending either the One Day (workplace/manager focus) or the 2 Day Mental Health First Aider course, and don't have a workplace big enough for us to come to you, you can come to our OPEN courses - on your own, with one or two others, come and find out what it is all about.
We hold these courses with our partner, Cordell Health, in Finchampstead, Berkshire. We provide everything you need for the day - all the manuals, workbooks, pens, tea, coffee, even lunch. You will also receive a certificate.

Our next OPEN courses are:
One Day Course - Wednesday,16th October 9-5pm - only £130+vat
Two Day Course - November 20th & 21st 9-5pm - only £210+vat
One Day Course - Thursday 5th December 9-5pm - only £130+vat

Please book with Keri -

We will be adding new dates for the New Year and will let you know next month.

Would you prefer to have us deliver in house?  We can deliver the half day, one day and two day courses, as well as the NEW Refresher Course - recommended every 3 years.

We also help to support the MHFAiders that you have trained - whether that training was originally delivered by us or others, by offering regular sessions aimed at providing reflective practice, discussing the role, what is going well and any ways to improve the way it is being managed, and to refresh skills and knowledge - contact us for more information about this valuable service that can keep your MHFAiders inspired and supported

Want to update your skills? A half day Refresher MHFA course is now available - recommended every 3 years. If you would like us to deliver this for your organisation, do get in touch. These skills need refreshing, just like any other.

Our Wellbeing Conference has SOLD OUT!!
One last chance to get a FREE ticket from one of the Sponsors - Winnersh Triangle They have 10 tickets they are giving away - see our Facebook page for further details and a chance to win - Wellbeing in Wokingham Action Group.  Ends Monday 7th October so act NOW!!

Would you like to contribute to our Prize Draw? You just have a chance to send us vouchers (or similar) before Wednesday - email to - THANK YOU!!

Do you spend too much time worrying?  Do you wish you could stop?
Here are our best ideas to help you:
1. Talk - a problem shared is a problem halved, as the saying goes, but you also get a different perspective by saying out loud what is going on in your head.  Find a good listener, or if your worries are causing you distress do call the Samaritans - 116 123, no need to suffer in silence.
2. Write it down - the cheapest form of therapy is a notebook and pen! You can also get some great notebooks to nudge you along such as this
3. For a child, (or for the child in you!) get a worry monster like this
4. Reframe your thoughts - and if you need help with that, see our Lunch'n'learns, or get in touch with Talking Therapies in your area.  A really powerful way of taking back control - and taming your unhelpful  thoughts.
5. Allocate your worries to a "Worry Time" - yes, really. Allow yourself a 15 minute slot to focus on your worries and then if they creep up on you, remind yourself that worrying is "for later".
6. Do NOT tell yourself that you are just a "born worrier" - that is not an attitude that is helpful - or true! No one needs to live their lives plagued by worry - including YOU!

And see the article, above, for reasons to be more cheerful - its GOOD for you physically and emotionally, as well as feeling GREAT!!

Plenty going on as usual, we hope you will join us - with our wonderful training packages or the wonderful Wellbeing Conference - hope to see you soon!
Have a BRILLIANT October and do please contact us, link with us, connect and comment on social media - we are here to help YOU to Unlock YOUR Wellbeing!

Very Best Wishes


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